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Ali Starr delivers thought provoking, high energy, engaging keynotes that will move your audience to take action and build the next best version of themselves. 

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Tashi Deley is a movement, a way of being. 

Hello you amazing humans, my name is Ali Starr! I get to work for an organization called Tashi Deley (Ta-She De-lay).  Tashi Deley is a Tibet greeting that means "I see you" and “I honor the greatness within you.”  This organization exists to ignite 7.7 billion heartbeats to connect deeper within so that we can honor the greatness within others. Can you imagine a world that honors the greatness within all people¿

I can! 

Tashi Deley serves this way of being through a practice of servant leadership with an intentional focus on emotional intelligence. 

Let's ignite the heartbeats at your event to honor the greatness within themselves and others! 

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Keynote Topics Tailored to Your Audience

Every keynote Ali delivers is customized to your audience.  If you are looking for keynote topic ideas, below is a great place to start.  To get started, submit a booking request and Ali will contact you with a date and time to discuss your event. Together you will create a plan for a targeted, memorable, and engaging experience.

I am aware, I am UNaware

Topic: Self-Awareness

Symbol: Three Mirrors (Best Self, Honesty + Blind Spot)

Time: 45 - 90 Minutes

Delivery: Virtual or In-Person

Quote: The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”  - Marcel Proust

In this keynote your audience will learn the importance of practicing the art of honoring the greatness within themselves and others by understanding the power of being self-aware.

Self-awareness is critical for career success. A recent study found that 95% of people think they’re self-aware; however, only 10-15% truly are (Eurich, Forbes).

  • People who are more self-aware tend to perform better at work and lead more effectively.
  • Companies with self-aware team members have shown to be stronger financial performers.
  • When you are self-aware, you can clearly see how your intentions don’t always meet your impact.

In this keynote, your audience will learn how to look in 3 mirrors: the beautiful mirror, the honesty mirror and the blind spot mirror. They will also learn how to ask trusted and untrusted sources for growth insights. Real growth insights will assist you in your practice of creating the next best version of yourself.


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Be the Kind of Leader you Want to Follow

Topic: Communication and Social Skills

Symbol: Lightbulb (HOT - Honest, Open, Transparent) 

Time: 45 - 90 Minutes

Delivery: Virtual or In-Person

Quote: “Hard choices, easy life, easy choices, hard life.”  - Jerzy Gregorek

In this keynote your audience will learn the importance of practicing the art of honoring the greatness within yourself and others by further understanding the importance of honest, open, transparent and clear communication. Which starts with self-awareness. 

Your energy enters the room before you do…are you someone that brightens the room when you walk in, or do the lights dim?

Most companies don’t need better ways to communicate, most companies need to help their team become more self-aware. Self-awareness allows us to reflect and ask for feedback.

Communication statistics:

  • 55% of our communication is in our body
  • 38% of our communication comes from our tone
  • 7% is the words we use

Statistically 9 out of 10 conversations miss the mark, lets close that game with learning how to have courageous and necessary conversations. Courageous conversations allow for a deeper level of understanding, trust and alignment.


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Don't Believe Everything You Think

Topic: Self Regulation

Symbol: Ladder (Assumptions + Inferences)

Time: 45 - 90 Minutes

Delivery: Virtual or In-Person

Quote: We suffer more often in imagination than in reality.”  - Seneca

In this keynote your audience will learn the importance of practicing the art of honoring the greatness within yourself and others by being aware of the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, as well as the stories we tell ourselves about other people.

  • Our brain rewards us for creating an assumption; however, it doesn’t reward us on our accuracy.
  • Our thoughts, both accurate and inaccurate, might be more vital than how we communicate with others.

During this growth focused keynote your audience will be introduced to the ladder of assumptions and will be reminded of what happens when our assumptions go unchecked.

The Coin- serves as a reminder to be curious and to ask good questions. We will practice the art of responding to one another by asking good open-ended questions versus leading with our thoughts, opinions or experiences. It is so powerful to take time to respond versus react!

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Start with Self-Forgiveness

Topic: Empathy

Symbol: Heart (Emotional Hijack)

Time: 45 - 90 Minutes

Delivery: Virtual or In-Person

Quote: If you don’t heal what hurt you, you’ll bleed on people who didn’t cut you.”  - Unknown

During this keynote your audience will learn the importance of practicing the art of honoring the greatness within yourself and others by being aware of the importance of vulnerability.

  • Eighty percent of us wish we worked with people that were more empathetic (officevibe.com).
  • It only takes .85 milliseconds for our fight/flight or fix to be triggered, then we are in survival mode.
  • When we are stuck in survival mode we cannot be in thrive mode.
  • Vulnerability aids our ability to be more empathetic.

During this session your audience will learn about the emotional hijack and what happens to your brain\body when you are in an emotional hijack. They will also become more aware of their energy levels and how they might impact their ability to be more empathetic. They will recognize areas of their life that help them gain energy and areas of their life that drain their energy. Bringing these things to light and making them visible results in a deeper level of empathy.

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Beginning With the End in Mind

Topic: Motivation

Symbol: Target + Arrow (WHY do you exist) 

Time: 45 - 90 Minutes

Delivery: Virtual or In-Person

Quote: I will give up what I want right now for what I want most.”  - Judy Hehr

In this keynote your audience will learn the importance of practicing the art of honoring the greatness within yourself and others by being inspired to work from a place of higher purpose.

Together we will explore the world of expectations and experiences. When we don’t make our expectations visible it is very unlikely that we will get what we expect. When this happens it usually leads to damaged relationships and mistrust. When we don’t trust our team it becomes challenging to keep momentum and hit goals.

  • We have both silent and verbal expectations of ourselves and of others.
  • Typically, we are disappointed in ourselves or in others when expectations aren’t met.

There is nothing worse than being held to a “silent expectation.” We will learn how to confidently ask for clarity around goals and desired outcomes. We will practice the art of communicating what we need in order to hit the “bullseye.” The arrow and target assist us in our quest to exceed expectations personally and organizationally.


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Custom Keynote Request

Topic:  Your Choice

Time:  Your Choice

Delivery: Virtual or In-Person 

Ali customizes all of her keynote presentations and is happy to serve as a thought partner if you have a unique topic, need, or focus.  Upon completing the booking request form  Ali will collaborate with you and your team about your event goals.  Together you will design a targeted, memorable, and engaging experience for your team, event and attendees. 

Custom keynotes presentations are perfect solution for; 

  • Conferences and Breakout Sessions
  • Private Corporate Events
  • Schools and Universities 
  • Charity Events and Fundraisers 

Find out how Ali can help ignite the heartbeats in your audience to connect deeply within and honor the greatness within others. Get started today by completing the booking form below. 

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Ready. Set. Grow!

Today is the day we honor the greatness within!


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Place's Ali Has Gotten to Honor the Greatness Within


Women's Leadership Conference 2023

A highlight of where Ali has been includes gracing the Women's Leadership Conference in 2022, and again on a panel in 2023!


All In-Girl's Leadership Conference

Ali was able to support the All In-Girl's Leadership Conferencewhich targets 7th and 8th grade girls throughout Oconto County. 

  • Ag Choice Pennsylvania
    • Forest Product Executive Development Workshop 
  • Ag First Pennsylvania 
  • AIG
  • Amcor 
  • Anagen 11 - Appleton WI
  • Appleton West (National Honor Society)
  • Aspiring Servant Leadership
  • Berlin Varsity Boys Basketball
  • Boys & Girls Club - Oshkosh, WI
  • Carl Traeger Elementary 
  • Catholic Dioceses - Madison, WI
    • Principals
  • Cedarburg High School Girls Volleyball
  • Christine Ann Center - Domestic Abuse Services - Oshkosh, WI
  • Columbus High School Girls Basketball Banquette
  • CUES Next Top Credit Union Competition - Savannah, Georgia
  • Embers Credit Union - Michigan 
  • Envision Greater Fond du Lac
  • FABOH (Fond du Lac Area Business on Health)
  • First State Bank
  • Fox Valley Technical College
    • Administrative Professional Conference 
    • Business Symposium 
  • 4-Imprint
  • GLO - Wisconsin GLO Professional Women's Basketball Team (Faith and Family Night)
  • Golden House - Domestic Abuse Program and Shelter - Green Bay, WI
  • Green Lake Rotary
  • Holyland Food Pantry - Malone, WI
  • IAAP International Association of Administrative Professionals - Neenah, WI
  • JJ Keller & Associates
  • Lerdahl Business Interiors & Design (WI & IA)
  • Lakeland Care
  • Leadercast Women's Panel
  • Leadership Oshkosh Class Speaker
  • Lenox Hill Hospital 
  • Lourdes Academy Oshkosh (Middle High School Girls)
  • Lourdes Academy Oshkosh (Teachers & Staff)
  • Marian University - Nursing Program
  • Merrill Middle School - Oshkosh, WI
  • Moraine Park Technical College
  • Midstates Aluminum - Fond du Lac, WI
  • Mid States Technical College - Leadership Intensive 
  • Mid Day Women Alliance
  • Miller Electric Manufacturing, LLC
  • Oshkosh Corporation
  • Oshkosh North
    • Communities 
    • GED Program
    • LINK
    • PRIDE
  • Oshkosh West
    • Student
    • Teachers & Staff Development
  • Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish & School
  • PMI 
  • Propel - Young Professionals Oshkosh, WI
  • Reality Check Conference - New Jersey 
  • RCLC - Ripon Children's Learning Center
  • Ripon University - Catalyst Day
  • Ripon Rotary 
  • Route 66 - Orlando, FL
  • Sadoff Iron & Metal Company (Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, Green Bay, Nebraska)
  • Scouts of America 
  • SHRM - Society for Human Resources Management - Oshkosh Chapter
  • Silver Creek Dentistry 
  • Sophia Transformative Partners
  • St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - New Berlin, WI
  • St. Williams Elementary & Middle School - Madison, WI
  • TEDx Fond du Lac (2017)
  • TEDx Oshkosh (Emcee 2021)
  • United Cooperative
  • University of Wisconsin - Platteville Women's Athletics
  • University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
    • 500+ Student Athletes
    • Athletic Department 
    • UWO - Gymnastics Team
  • Verve a Credit Union
  • Verve
    • Young Professionals
  • Webster's Foodmarket
  • WHA - Wisconsin Hospital Association
  • WONDER - Speaker & Emcee
  • Women's Leadership Conference 
    • 2021 Breakout
    • 2022 Closing Keynote
  • Women's Wellness & Education Retreat
  • Women in Management  - Fond du Lac Chapter
  • Wisconsin Family Childcare - Wisconsin Dells, WI
  • WVCA - Wisconsin Volunteers Coordinators Association 
  • WWHEL - Women in Higher Education Leadership
  • YMCA - Strong Mom's Workshop
  • YMCA - Y'ing Women Fundraiser Emcee
  • YMCA - Dueling Piano Fundraising Emcee
  • YMCA - Staff and Development Speaker
  • Zurich Insurance - Chicago, IL

Brands Honoring the Greatness Within

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TEDx Fond du Lac 

Servant Leadership: How a jar can change the way you lead and serve

Ali takes the TEDx stage with confident vulnerability to share lessons of judgment, assumptions and the risk of believing everything you think.  She demonstrates how, through the practice of servant leadership, she  took a new and intentional approach to seek to understand and build the next best versions of herself.

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