Tashi Deley exists to ignite 7.7 billion heartbeats to connect deeply within so that we can honor the greatness within others.

What Tashi Deley can offer YOU!

Personal Development

What if you connected deeper with yourself so you could connect deeper with those around you? Join Tashi Deley on a journey of self-awareness and self-discovery so you can give up what you want right now, for what you want most. Unlearn the behaviors that are holding you back!

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Company Culture

Ready to enhance your company's culture? Tashi Deley helps you be intentional about your culture. Addressing the things that need to be addressed. Teams will uncover what's holding them back from organizational maturity using tools and coaching tactics that shift behavior, resulting in a culture of accountability and trust!

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Speaking Events

Looking for a speaker who will say the thing that needs to be said, and in a way that people can actually hear it? Tashi Deley speakers are high-energy, transformative speakers/ They ignite people to create the next best version of who they are meant to be!

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Tashi Deley Speakers & Facilitators

Ali Starr

Speaker - Facilitator - Coach

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Judy Hehr

Speaker - Facilitator - Coach

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Upcoming Events for Everybody

Discover the ways you can connect deeply within & honor the greatness within yourself and others

Wisconsin HERd Day

Event by We EmpowHER + RISE UP Experiences

February 3, 2023

1:30 PM - 5:00 PM CST


Oshkosh, WI - Menominee Nation Arena 

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Forgiveness February

Event by Tashi Deley 

February 1, 2023

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM CST


Instructions will be sent by email   

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Corporate Culture

No Vent Corporate Challenge

Event by Tashi Deley 

Now Booking 2023 & 2024 Sessions

Book before 9/1/2023 to save on pricing.   

Contact our booking team today: [email protected]

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Mask-Off March

Event by Tashi Deley 

March 1, 2023

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM CST


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What to expect from the eNLiGHTENMENT series?

The Tashi Deley eNLiGHTENMENT Series is a monthly virtual workshop to grow your emotional intelligence... The more you engage, the more you practice, the more eNLiGHTENMENT you will experience. No matter which concept you choose to practice, you will:

Discover Patterns

Decide Direction

Design a New Way 

eNLiGHTENMENT Membership

$300 Per Year

$360 Save $60 by investing in the year long journey!

  • Live Virtual Monthly Workshops 
  • Online Access to Video Library
  • Downloadable Tools
  • Community Collaboration

Membership means unlimited access

Join us LIVE the first Wednesday of every month 11:00-12:30PM (CST)

See more than one eNLiGTHENMENT topic you’d like to learn? Join the Tashi Community for a year long journey:

  • Transformational Topics: Judgement, Forgiveness and Motivation
  • Enjoy unlimited access...any topic, any time, anywhere 
  • Practice these concepts with family & friends

Experience eNLiGHTENMENT 


Corporate eNLiGHTENMENT Packages

Get unlimited access to LIVE virtual monthly workshops and the online eNLiGHTMENT resource library providing access to videos, bonus content and downloadable documents for your entire team.

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"High 5 Tool"

95% of people "think" they are self-aware, however only 10% of people actually are.

Want to get "better at getting better" quickly, try one of our HIGH-5 Tools!

Emotional Intelligence Assessment


5 Minute Self-Awareness Assessment

  • Online Video Instructions
  • Downloadable Assessment
  • Tashi Deley Community Support

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